Splint Aligners

Transparent splint treatment is based on digital technology that simulates orthodontic dental alignment virtually.  We spend a considerable amount of time adapting and fine tuning the movements to each patient’s individual need.  Then, a series of individualized clear aligners are manufactured to replicate the desired treatment.  Discreet and comfortable, this technique has given results comparable to conventional ‘braces’ due to digital advancement of transitioning from the virtual to the physical domain. 

The success of the treatment depends on patient compliance in wearing the removable appliance all day, except of course during meals and dental brushing.  This system provides several important advantages beyond just the ‘invisible’ aspect, in that eating and dental hygiene needs are much less hindered. 

Our office has been a pioneer in this digital field since its arrival in Switzerland.  We implement and follow this evolution since 2002.

Traditional Braces

Metal brackets are temporarily ‘glued’ to the teeth and then linked with metal arch wires to exert limited forces for dental movement.  Wires are changed to adapt to the evolution of the alignment.  There are also translucent ceramic brackets.

Auxiliary Appliances

Other appliances involved in orthodontic treatment include (but are not limited to) headgear, myofunctional and expansion devices.  They are used mainly in growing children.

Combined Treatment of Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Surgery

In more severe cases, the lower and upper skeletal (jaw) positions contribute to the malocclusion.  The option of surgery is introduced to obtain a more adequate result.