Treatments in Growing Patients

Mini Treatment

Modified light treatments for simple alignment.

First Phase Treatment

This phase is usually for mixed dentition children, where skeletal occlusal growth can be modified on at least one of the three dimensions of a growing patient: Sagittal, Vertical and/or Transversal.  Dental alignment would only include permanent teeth.

Second Phase Treatment

This phase consists of dental alignment of the permanent teeth, as well as establishing a proper occlusion between the maxillary and mandibular dentition.  An appropriate dental ‘bite’ helps mastication and overall function.

Retention Phase

After the orthodontic appliances are removed, it is essential to maintain dental alignment with retainers.  Fixed wires are placed behind the front teeth on the upper and lower arches.  As needed, removable nightly appliances also help to maintain the occlusion.   Patients are encouraged to have regular follow-up appointments to ensure orthodontic stability.

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